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Eyebrow / Facial Razor Razor Pretty In The City

Eyebrow / Facial Razor

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This biodegradable razor is made from wheat! Just pop out the razor when dull and throw it into the compost. 

Pkg of 3


  • Sharp blade perfect for removing those fine top brow hairs to give you a crisp shape
  • Large blade suitable for dermaplaning and removing facial hairs 
  • High-quality blade is super sharp, providing many more uses than other eyebrow/facial razors on the market  

How to use: 

 Be sure to pull the skin taut before shaving

  • Always have the blade in a 60-80 degree angle
  • Glide blade gently forward (like sweeping a broom), never side to side (like a saw)
  • Wipe down with alcohol and replace cap when not in use