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Unlike salon eyelash extensions, the adhesive used for in our DIY Lash Extensions kits is soft and flexible. It moves with your lashes and won't pull out any of your own lashes.

You can wear them for a day, a few days, and up to 7 days with proper care.

These are totally sweat-proof and shower proof. However, prolong water exposure such as swimming may cause the bond to soften and slide or come off. This is not to say however, you can absolutely wear these to a pool party! Just not swim with your face in the water.

Yes! Up to 5x's. Just soak in warm soapy water and rub off glue remnants while rinsing. Lay flat on paper towel to dry. We will have a video tutorial soon!

It's so simple! Line your eyes with magnetic liner. Attach magnetic lashes to the liner. That's it.  If you make a mistake, simply re-position.  No mess, no fuss. See full instructions here.

Absolutely! The magnetic liner contains iron oxide, which is what the magnets are attracted to.  Iron oxide is an ingredient commonly used for its pigment, and is found in many cosmetics products such as eyeliner and mascara.  It's also in tattoo and permanent makeup pigments. Iron oxide is non toxic.  Our formula is free of latex, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde. If you have any pre-existing eye conditions, we recommend you consult your physician before using.  Please do not use this product on irritated or broken skin.We strongly recommend that you try our products on a small patch of clean skin on your arm to test for any allergic reactions first.Be very careful to apply the liner on your skin above your natural lashes and NOT in your lash line or the mucosal (wet) line. If this happens, immediately clean off with a wet cotton swab. As with all products, please discontinue use if irritation occurs.Magnetic liner and lashes should NOT BE USED DURING AN MRI.  

Absolutely not!  The magnetic liner is applied to your skin and not your natural lashes.  The reason why traditional lash glue may pull out some of your own lashes is because the runny consistency may get on your natural lashes.  This is not the case with magnetic liner.  If you do happen to get some magnetic liner on your natural lashes, let it dry and pick it off. It will come off easily, similar to tubing mascara. 

With proper care, your lashes are good for 20+ uses. The finer the lash style, the sooner they may lose their shape/become distorted.  Fuller styles tend to keep well longer as the band is slightly thicker. Please refer to our cleaning instructions to keep your lashes looking their best. 

This is due to a film of eyeliner coating the magnets.  This can be prevented with regular cleaning.  We recommend cleaning your lashes after each use and store back in its tray to re-magnetize. Instructions on how to clean magnetic and regular false lashes here. 

It is good for 6 months from the date of opening. Please make sure you close the lid tightly to avoid spoiling the magnetic liner.  If it is not closed tightly, you may find some liner leaking out and causing it to collect around the neck of the tube. The liner may become thicker and goopy in this case. Please clean the opening of the tube with a paper towel should this happen, so that you are also able to close the lid securely. Always shake the tube before each application. 

Some formulas may be more difficult to remove than others.  Our formula is easy to remove by warming up the liner and using a waterproof makeup remover without scrubbing and tugging your eyelids.  Removal instructions and video can be found here

Yes! This way you eliminate the need to apply the magnetic liner on spots where it isn't needed like the end of a wing. 

Yes and No, it really depends. Any type of false lashes are attached to your skin and sits directly on top of your natural lashes and extensions. If you want to wear magnetic lashes along with your lash extensions for added fullness - go do it!!! However, if your extensions are falling out and you want the magnetic lashes to fill a gap, this may or may not be the best option - it really depends. 

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