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No! Unlike salon eyelash extensions, the adhesive used for in our DIY Lash Extensions kits is soft and flexible. It moves with your lashes and won't pull out any of your own.

When you want to remove the cluster lashes, use the Remover, and peel off from the base.

How long they can last really depends on how many lashes you have. More natural lashes equals longer holding power.

Most people can wear these for at least 3-4 days. They can last up to 7 days.

These are totally sweat-proof and shower proof. However, prolong water exposure such as swimming may cause the bond to soften and slide or come off. This is not to say however, you can absolutely wear these to a pool party! Just not swim with your face in the water.

When taking a shower, avoid running water on your lashes. Let them dry on their own before touching them.

Yes! Up to 5x's and more if you're gentle. Just soak in warm soapy water for at least an hour and rub off glue remnants while rinsing. Lay flat on paper towel to dry.

Watch the quick video instructions in our tutorials page!

You can cleanse your face as normal, however, avoid touching the lashes as much as you can. Splashing water on the lashes is fine. Allow the lashes to dry before touching them.

If you smoosh your face in the pillow or wear a regular sleep mask, you may wake up with wonky lashes! They may still look ok in the morning, or you may have to replace one or two clusters.

Best type of sleep mask is the ones that have a cushion and is not pressing on your eyelids or lashes. This will preserve the shape of the lashes better.

During Application:

- Cleanse your lashes before you put them on.

- Do not let the lash clusters touch your wet line. This is not only uncomfortable but cause your eyes to tear, which will weaken the bond.

- If you need to brush the lashes, hold the base of the lashes while brushing (watch video tutorial).


- Avoid touching the lashes when wet such as when your are washing your face or in the shower.

- Avoid letting water run continuously on the lashes when showering.

- Wearing eye makeup will cause the oils to sit on the lashes and break down the bond quicker. If you like wearing lots of eyemakeup, you may need to re-do the lashes sooner. However once you get the hang of it, it takes 5 minutes to put them on.

Our BOND is more sticky than other diy lash glues because it has longer holding power! It should be used with SEAL afterwards to eliminate the tackiness and extend the life of the application. Make sure to watch our videos to learn how to apply BOND and SEAL. Avoid using too much product.