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Our Story



Having nice lashes always made me feel prettier, more confident.  I don't usually wear makeup, especially when I have lash extensions on, I feel that's all I need.

But since the lockdown with no chance of getting eyelash extensions, I began playing around with false lashes again.

Traditional false lashes are difficult to apply. The glue is messy, and each time you make a mistake, you have to pick the glue off before re-applying again. Never mind that it gets all over your lashes and eyelid. Sometimes it took me almost an hour before I finally gave up.

I heard about magnetic lashes and the idea really appealed to me. I ordered a few different types but none of them were a good fit. The sandwich type just slid off my wimpy lashes. The magnetic liner type kind of worked. But with 5 or 6 big clunky magnets, I'd end up cutting them too short or with the end that had no hold after I trimmed them.

Being in the beauty industry for 16 years, I know what women want. I was on a mission.  I wanted lashes that were convenient, easy to apply, and looked natural. The liner had to be easy to apply and to remove. Lashes must feel comfortable and be able to stay on all day long.

After many months of playing mad scientist/guinea pig, I am pleased to share with you our amazing line of lashes. I've worn them on my sensitive skin and dry eyes every day.  I've tested different cleansers and methods to see what works best. I've ordered hundreds of styles to see which looks are the most flattering. Every pair of lashes are inspected for their quality. 

I am happy to present my collection of easy to use lashes. I'm sure you'll love the ease of application, how beautiful yet natural the lashes look, and the confidence you'll feel with them on all day. 


We're all busy right? Managing work, kids, trying to make time to eat healthy and exercise. Also don't forget about nurturing your relationships! 

Pretty In The City has been around since 2005 providing busy women with innovative beauty services such as Eyelash Extensions and Permanent Makeup. We are known for our exceptionally skillful, natural looking work.  We place great emphasis on quality and client care. 

Shop Pretty In The City is our online shopping portal. We curate products that help make putting your best face forward easy. We try them, we test them, we make sure the products live up to their claim.  

We are picky about our selection and that's why it's small at the moment. But we hope you will enjoy and appreciate their simplicity, and smile when you catch yourself in the mirror. 

If you need to contact us, send us a quick email to:

We usually reply within 24 hours. 

Cheers for now,

Veronica Tran