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doll style false magnetic lashes

Add DOLL Vegan Mink Magnetic Lashes

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"DOLL" is a dramatic style made for medium-large, or large eyes. Get that full Barbie effect for a night on the town or just because. : )

  • Long length and ample in fullness.
  • 3D Fluffy effect.
  • Gradual Shape

For instructions on how to apply magnetic lashes and liner, remove and care, click here



  • Band: 34mm
  • Length 7mm-14mm-16mm
  • Bulk volume length: Full throughout
  • These lashes are very dramatic & long, lush and dark.  Not recommended for small, small-medium size eyes. 

Recommended For

  • Eyeshape: Almond, Round, Downturned, Hooded, 
  • Eyesize: ; Med-large to larger eyes OR if you have a thick eyelid crease
  • Event: Apres work, Dinner