How to Apply Magnetic Lashes and Liner

We are so excited to announce our new line of Magnetic Lashes! 

Magnetic lashes are all the rage now as they are so easy and simple to apply.  No more messing with runny glues and having to peel it off.

Why you'll love our line of Magnetic Lashes and Liner: 

  • very easy to apply, unlike traditional falsies with latex adhesive
  • made with PBT 'silk' fibres (the same used in Eyelash Extension; not real silk!) 
  • lashes are soft, and very natural looking (no plasticky lashes here!)
  • our lashes come with 10 mini magnets for greater flexibility and bond
  • easy to trim 
  • stays on 6-8 hours
  • windproof & sweat proof* 
  • not recommended for sweaty workouts!
  • the liner contains iron oxides, which is what the magnets are attracted to
  • Iron oxide is a safe ingredient used in many regular eyeliners, mascaras, and even permanent makeup pigments
  • avoid using magnetic liner and lashes with MRI's 



1. Measure and trim the lashes from the outer end, if necessary. 

2. Apply primer, eye-makeup, or some foundation to your eyelids. Because our liner is water proof, this will make removing it easier at the end of the day. 

3. Curl your natural lashes with a curler. This step is optional. 

4. With short strokes, apply liner in a thin, even line. (Of course if you're a pro and can do in it one swoop go for it!) Go over any spots that appear light. You'll need to apply enough so that the magnets stick to it.  If you plan on wearing them for a full day, apply a second coat. Pay extra attention to the ends.

If you make a mistake, you can clean off with a cotton swab and some oil based makeup remover or olive oil.  

If any liner gets onto your lashes, let it dry and you can gently pick it off - similar to tube mascara. 

5. Wait 3-5 minutes for the liner to dry. You can apply mascara to your natural lashes at this time. It's very important to let the liner dry. 

6. You can apply the lashes in 3 ways: 

From the inner corner first:

Pick up the lashes from the inner corner and press onto your eyelid.  We recommend starting about 1/4" away from the inner corner for maximum comfort. With the inner corner of the lash affixed, gently pull taut the lash strip from the end and 'lay' it down on the skin from middle to end. 

From the middle: 

Pick up the lashes from the middle with fingers or tweezer and press into the middle of your lash line. Once affixed, line up either side of the lashes by gently pulling taut and lay down on skin. 

From the outer corner: 

Follow the same instructions as beginning from inner corner, but in reverse. 


1. Gently peel off the magnetic strip lashes and set aside. 

2. Dispense a small amount of olive oil or a makeup remover for waterproof makeup on a cotton pad. With one eye closed, hold the cotton pad to the liner for a few seconds to let the remover saturate the skin, and then gently wipe.  You may need to wipe a couple times. Do not allow any liquids to get into the eye.

3. Use a saturated cotton swab and gently twirl it over any remaining liner.

4. Wash face and eyelids with your regular cleanser.

5. Lashes may be cleansed with a mild, diluted cleanser, immediately blot then air dry. Once dry, put lashes onto the magnetic strip in the box to re-magnetize.