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How to Apply Magnetic Lashes & Liner, Fast and Easy way with our Lash Liner Adhesive, Removal and Care Instructions



1. Measure and trim the lashes from the outer end, if necessary. 

2. Apply primer, eye-makeup, or some foundation to your eyelids. Because our liner is water proof, this will make removing it easier at the end of the day. 

3. Curl your natural lashes with a curler. This step is optional. 

4. With short strokes, apply liner in a thin, even line. (Of course if you're a pro and can do in it one swoop go for it!) Apply a second coat. Pay extra attention to the ends.

If you make a mistake, you can clean off with a cotton swab and some waterproof makeup remover or olive oil.  

If any liner gets onto your lashes, let it dry and you can gently pick it off - similar to tube mascara. 

5. Wait at least 10 minutes for the liner to dry. You can apply mascara to your natural lashes at this time. It's very important to let the liner dry.  If you can wait longer (10-20 minutes), it will make it much easier for you to re-adjust if you need to. 

6. For an easier application, pick up the lash and curve them into a U shape with your fingers. 

7. You can apply the lashes in 3 ways: 

From the inner corner first:

Pick up the lashes from the inner corner, align the lash band so that it blends with the magnetic liner.  Apply onto your eyelid.  We recommend starting about 1/4" away from the inner corner for maximum comfort. With the inner corner of the lash affixed, gently pull taut the lash strip from the end and 'lay' it down on the skin from middle to end. 

From the middle: 

Pick up the lashes from the middle with fingers or tweezer and press into the middle of your lash line. Once affixed, line up either side of the lashes by gently pulling taut and lay down on skin. 

From the outer corner: 

Follow the same instructions as beginning from inner corner, but in reverse. 


1. Wash your hands and have a facial wipe, cotton pad, or gauze ready. *If you have sensitive skin, don't use facial wipe. 

2. Gently peel off the magnetic strip lashes and set aside. 

3. Dispense a small amount of olive oil or a waterproof makeup remover on clean fingers.  Close both eyes and gently rub along your lash line for about 30 seconds. 

4. With eyes still closed, wipe your eyes and surrounding area. Open your eyes to see whether all traces of the magnetic liner has been removed. Repeat if necessary.

5. Use a saturated cotton swab and gently twirl over any remaining liner.

6. Wash face and eyelids with your regular cleanser.

7. If you do this AFTER a shower, you'll find it comes off much faster and easier. 

We tried many waterproof cleansers, and like this one the best. 


1. Soak a cotton swab with an oil-free makeup remover.  You can use the same one we recommend for removing magnetic liner.

2. Gently wipe clean the magnets and lash band.

3. Wipe clean the lashes by twirling the cotton swab on the lashes.

4. Rinse with mild soapy water.

5. Blot dry.

6. Put back in its case to re-magnetize for magnetic lashes, and re-curl for regular lashes.